Welcome to DGM Kazakhstan as DGOffice reseller!

It’s official! DGM Kazakhstan is now an official DGOffice reseller!

They are located in Almaty and can help you with your DG related activities, such as DG consultancy, DG Operations, DG Training and sales of marked packagings and labels. We wish them lots of success!

DGM Kazakhstan, Almaty, established March 2020.
Part of DGM Support network with 63 locations in 34 countries, supporting customers taking the danger out of dangerous goods.
Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world and almost has the same size as Europe. From Almaty to Atyrau you will need a 3-hour flight. Rich in mineral resources, DGM Kazakhstan has vast potential opportunities with clients in the Mining, Oil & Gas, and Chemical Industries. We are active in these markets to promote the DGM brand, and are now delighted to add DGOffice to our portfolio. It is a truly beneficial tool for helping customers be efficient and compliant.

Meet the DGM Kazakhstan Team: