Turning hours into minutes

Turning hours into minutes

“The shipping and transportation industry involves a significant amount of paperwork. Every shipment brings new contracts, cargo manifests, export paperwork and receipts and many routes involve multiple orders with separate documentation where things can very easily get out of hand.


The globalization of businesses is setting a huge challenge in terms of shipment and delivery of goods and consequently dangerous goods. However, the ever increasing buyers expectations and the fierce competition can be the prime reasons to inevitably streamline your freight management procedures these days. It has become an imperative to deliver shipments quickly, accurately and safely at the lowest possible cost.


For the shipping of dangerous goods documentation reliability is a must. The presence of documentation accuracy ensures that shipments have been correctly prepared, packed and labeled, but also that the safety of transportation and handling activities will not be jeopardized by poor and erroneous documentation.


DGOffice offers a complete set of tools to support organizations in all aspects of dangerous goods management. These tools allow for a time-efficient, cost-effective and safe issue of documentation, providing a commercial advantage over competition and raising the quality standards of the services provided to cutting edge levels.


These are times of change where competitive factors cannot be ignored, especially if that advantage guarantees unparalleled levels of excellence. DGOffice is this tool – indispensable for those highly demanding professionals and above all a guarantee of consistently safe Dangerous Goods operations.”


Written by: Miguel Costa, DGM Portugal