Remote Server

Get the most out of your current back office system

DGOffice Remote Server is a remote support system that can integrate dangerous goods management solutions into existing work environments. It adds dangerous goods logistic solutions to existing back office systems like Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Customer Relation Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions such as SAP.

Capabilities & solutions

• Automatic generation of dangerous goods declarations for shipments in any mode of transport

• Printing the declarations on any printer defined in the users’ network

• Preparation of the declarations in PDF or XML (E-freight ready)

• Adding (version controlled) documents like SDS or Handling Instructions to declarations based on customer requirements

• Instant or batch order processing


How it works

When working in a back office system, you typically use your corporate article numbers instead of UN or CAS numbers. All related data available should be provided when selecting a specific article number. This is where the DGOffice Remote Server comes in. Here, the actual solutions are processed. The interface connecting your back office system and the database is running in the background and is triggered by user-initiated actions. Now, selecting a specific ID will provide all related data available and you do not have to take any additional actions, other than collecting the processed documents from the printer, the email system or other specified file location.


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