Quick and correct operations

DGOffice, the solution for secure and rapid exchange of information

“Whereas it was already routine, the constant fight against time in dangerous goods transport operations, with the COVID-19 outbreak, this reality has become even more obvious due to the increased demand and nearly shutdown of passenger aircraft operation and, simultaneously, the restriction of other means of transportation. This new scenario has required additional effort, not only human but mainly technical, due to the imposed social distancing.


In this context, DGOffice shows itself as a technical solution to meet these requirements, allowing quick answers, less dependence on Human Resources and, all this, with guarantees of ‘zero-error’ in issuing the required documentation for dangerous goods shipments.


DGOffice, as an integration technology, plays a leading role in dangerous goods shipment operations, whether by Shippers, Freight Forwarders and Packers, or by Operators, where Airlines and Cargo Acceptance staff are included.


Real time information exchange and the respective supporting documentation (Shipper’s Declaration, Safety Data Sheet, NOTOC, etc.) that accompanies dangerous goods shipments, in accordance with the requirements of the different regulations, is possible thanks to an integrated system of DGOffice modules, accessible to any of the stakeholders involved in the logistic chain.


For instance, Lufthansa Cargo has started a paperless documentation system in cooperation with E-Freight, one of the DGOffice modules.


DGOffice reconciles two of the most relevant aspects in dangerous goods transport operations; time and safety.”


Written by: Victor Landim, DGM Portugal