New release July 2021 and news from our Resellers

July Release

On Sunday the 4th of July, DGOffice will be updated. This new release includes:


General updates:
• Certificates will be renewed to ensure a safe HTTPS connection.
• We will implement several bug fixes and improvements of existing functionalities and background tasks.
• Furthermore, there will be translation updates for several languages.


Transport related updates:
• The implementation of AFMAN is in progress and will be available as an alternative for Air regulation ICAO/IATA.


SDS updates:
• Notification to Poisin Centres (PCN): it is possible to output an XML/PCN format from the SDS modules, which can be transferred to a notification in IUCLID.
• SDS format: it will follow the amendment of REACH annex II from EU regulation 2020/878.
• Additionally,we will be fine-tuning and implement other developments relevant to existing SDS functionalities.


For an overview of all updates, please refer to your DGOffice account.


News from our Resellers


Labeline International Ltd.

Labeline International will be exhibiting at ChemUK on 15th and 16th September. The company will showcase DGOffice alongside their comprehensive range of DG compliance products and services.


ORP Consultancy

ORP DG PRO Australia, a Gold Status reseller of the specialist dangerous goods software from DGOffice, has updated their website to bring the promotion of DGOffice on the same level as their other dangerous goods and hazardous chemical services. With this, ORP DG PRO wants to reach out to prospective DGOffice users in the Australian and New Zealand markets.
For interested parties, the dedicated website page can be found here: Dangerous Goods Software – ORP DG PRO – DGOffice