Honest first impressions

DGM Portugal brewing a national revolution with DGOffice

“At DGM, it is a given that DGOffice is a powerful ‘magic wand’ that does wonders in the hands of customer focused companies with a fresh and innovative approach to efficiency in terms of a bulletproof and error-free shipping documentation solution.


So far, our national cargo industry has not seen anything close to this ‘wonder tool’ in terms of a dedicated assistant regarding Dangerous Goods regulations fit for any transport mode.


After the blinking first impression, DGM Portugal has been testing and reviewing all the software options available and can only realize the positive impact along with the drastic reduction of ‘rejected cargo’ cases.


However, the best feature by far, it’s time-efficiency. DGOffice is definitely a productivity booster, self-producing all DG documentation in a blink of an eye, thus saving hours of endless information research even for the savviest, as it is all availed at the fingertip.


While running some demos, customers were truly astonished that the software would provide instant information regarding Packing Instructions, Special Provisions, State and Operator Variations, split the product into packaging according to the limits with the regulations in use and it would even print the labels to complete the packages.


Reasons enough for us at DGM Portugal to believe that DGOffice is a definite game changer and a revolution brewer in the Portuguese DG landscape!”


Written by: Iuri Isidoro, DGM Portugal