Flying start for DGM Portugal

DGM Portugal completes the Iberian puzzle

“Ladies and gentleman, fasten your seatbelts and picture this: you’re rolling on the runway at full speed for take-off and the control tower suddenly advises that there’s a totally unforeseen storm of an unknown type coming right ahead of you. Being at a point of no-return, aborting the flight is not an option.


Fortunately, with the fully-fledged and well-experienced crew aboard and the tireless assistance from the Support-Team, the long-haul flight gets safely airborne to brave whatever lies ahead.


This scene briefly imparts the challenging launch of DGM Portugal as impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, which has taught the team to exercise resilience from the very start and go through the mission at large with unwavering resolve and conviction, regardless of the unexpected turbulences. Ultimately, we shall all rise taller and stronger from this as only the fittest persevere to succeed in this new era where things are done somehow differently in light of a ‘new normal’.


DGM Portugal’s geostrategic position along the Atlantic shoreline in southern-Europe, not only grants a smooth access to the Madeira and Azores islands as well as other Portuguese spoken communities, but foremostly it privileges DGM Portugal as the missing piece that completes the Iberian puzzle in DGM’s global footprint. This is of relevant importance within the European Union borderless trading context, mainly for MNAs based in Madrid, as Lisbon and Oporto are surely closer to this Spanish capital than Barcelona itself.


The groundwork is set for DGM Portugal to thrive as the only DG Integrator in the market that offers a comprehensive range of products and services from A to Z, on any dangerous goods management related matter, starring DGOffice in its portfolio as a ‘cherry on the top’ for its functionality and flawless performance.


The aim is to become a One-Stop-Shop ‘par excellence’ for all DG related needs to handlers, freight forwarders, manufacturers, and DG users in general. Therefore, ladies and gentleman, welcome aboard, sit back and enjoy this flight with us!”


Meet the team


Written by: Omar Jr.