E-Freight module

Last weekend, a release found place and included several changes related to E-Freight. The Communication module is renamed to E-Freight and became available for all accounts that have transport modules.


The E-Freight module enables users to distribute shipments to other parties within DGOffice, and displays the status of exported shipments. A user role, Shipper or Ground Handler, can be set as well. It is possible to import and validate XML messages received outside of DGOffice, and export these again after editing and (re-)validation.
Additionally, an E-Freight Plus module is published, which is mainly developed for Forwarders. This module displays all declarations that are sent to you by Shippers in DGOffice. In the Plus module, users can change the status of a shipment and add an AWB and Station of Loading/Unloading. Furthermore, the updated declaration can be exported/send to Ground Handlers/Carriers.
Via a video tutorial you can view how it works.