SEVESO companies 2016 Excel


SEVESO companies 2016 Excel 822.46 KB 6 downloads

Companies in Europe that should comply with the SEVESO III Directive, in 2016

SEVESO presentation PowerPoint Slideshow


SEVESO presentation PowerPoint Slideshow 643.86 KB 9 downloads

Presentation about the SEVESO module

This presentation is in PowerPoint Slideshow, which you can use to translate it to your local language. Please don’t edit this version, but use the text to translate, but in a new document (e.g. Word or PowerPoint). We will take care of putting the translated text into a final PowerPoint presentation. This is just to make sure our corporate style cannot be edited/changed accidentally.

Please note the following:
- You can do whatever you want with the first 2 slides: remove them, translate them, replace them with your own company logo/information, keep/translate them and add new slides with your own company logo/information, or create different versions with several of these options.
- Do your utmost to not exceed length of text
- If you have local pictures to add local flavor, please do not hesitate to submit them
- If you want images that contain text (screen shots of DGOffice, documents/labels or smartart) to be translated as well, please indicate and we will arrange it for you.

Please provide you translations, and anything else, in a clear overview, so we can copy it directly into a new PPP that has the exact same layout as the English version attached. Once completed, we will send it back to you for approval.
Send you translations to Vivian Labrecque, for more information, or contact her for more information.