DG List updates

New, changed and deleted Dangerous Goods

Regulations change. By that, the information on dangerous goods changes too. New ones are added, or information on existing ones improve, whereas others become irrelevant.


Keep an overview

To keep track of the differences, we created a list of all updates for all regulations. This overview reflects the items of which information in the DG list from the related regulations have changed. One clear view presents information for each UN number, per regulation.

Updates for 2023

From the 1st of April 2023, DGOffice includes the latest changes. The following are most significant:

  • ADG
    • New entries: UN2913, 3105, 3107, 3117, 3230, 3550
    • Corrections to Packing Instructions: UN0118,0146,0151,0214,0215,0220,0266,0282,0401,0508,1001,1597,1658,1835,1938,2669,1748,2186,2880,3249,3250,3407,3486,3532, 3534
    • Amended Classifications: UN1834,1891
    • Deleted Entries: UN1169 (Will be removed on April 1st, 2024 in accordance with the transition period)
    • Amended Proper Shippng Names: UN1197,2913,3268,3474,3481,3488,3489,3490,3491,3508
    • Amended Excepted Quantities: UN3208,3209,3269,3527
    • Amended Special Provisions: UN1002,1012,3269,3481,347,3538,1011,1049,1075,1954,1965,1969,1971,1978,3480
    • Amended Tanks and Bulk Containers: UN2626,2900,3375,3378
    • Amended and New Special Provisions: 188,225,251,310,333,335,339,369,377,396,397,398,AU03
    • Amended Packing Instructions: P003,P005,P006,P130,P144,P408,P801,P903,P905,P906,P907,P909,P910,PP96,PP70,P200,621,P903,P911,IBC07,IBC520,LP906,T23
  • AIR
    • deletion of UN1169 “Extracts, aromatic, liquid” and a change in the Proper Shipping name of UN 1197 (“Extracts, flavouring, liquid” becoming “Extracts, liquid”). The transition period in which these goods may be carried in accordance with the requirements of the previous edition ends on 31 March 2023.
    • This update deactivates UN1169 and DGMID’s 6885 and 6886 for enabling carriage of UN 1197 in accordance with the previous regulation.
    • New variants have been created for UN3381,3382,3389,3390,3545, that differentiate between “organic” and “inorganic” as well as “Temperature control required” and “Temperature control not required” (In accordance with the the class codes T1/T4, TC1/TC3, P2,P1)
    • Amended Hazchem codes (EAC) (Dangerous Goods Emergency Action Code List 2023)
    • Language updates: German, French

Download DG list April 2023


UN numbers and DGMIDs

Because of the many UN numbers, we have connected our own defined unique identifiers, named DGMIDs, to each variant. This comes in handy when digitalizing your transports and need a standard for digital data exchange.

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UN numbers and Lithium Batteries

There are many updates and variations when it comes to Lithium batteries. Even though there are ‘only’ 4 UN numbers related to both lithium-ion batteries and lithium metal batteries, there are much more factors of influence. Therefore, it can be quite complex to find out how to ship them in the right way.

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