DG Storage

Protect people and the environment

DG Storage presents the required information and documentation via the Seveso Module, including detailed instructions on how to store and handle dangerous goods.

How it simplifies implementation and helps to comply with the criteria stated in the Seveso III Directive

• Required information and documentation is provided, based on CLP classifications

• Detailed instructions on how to store and handle dangerous goods are given

• The module confirms whether your products are considered dangerous according to the directive



• The directive applies to all types of business, not only to those in the chemical sector

• This module is designed to provide the operator with basic reports a Seveso establishment may need, in order to demonstrate compliance


How it works

• Enter the substances’ CAS, EC or index number

• Multiple items can be added manually or imported via a template at once

• The system confirms if the entered substances in your chemical inventory are classified as dangerous or not according to the directive

• If necessary, enter CLP classification, quantities and the products’ physical status (e.g. liquid or gas)

• In case you have the SDS modules activated in your account, you can select the information from the SDSs

• The system will present the Seveso classification at that moment

• The module provides a report that follows the Seveso III Directive reporting guidelines