DG Handling

DG Handling simplifies the handling of dangerous goods

There are separate modules for NOtification TO Captain (NOTOC) and acceptance of goods.


In case of dangerous goods, the captain of the aircraft has to be notified of the loading position of these shipments in the aircraft.


What it does

The NOTOC module produces the proper notification to the pilot in command within just a few minutes. The entire Shipper’s Declaration is made in e-freight XML standard or via manual entry with help of the wizard.


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Proper clearance of goods – An important part of the entire air transport process is the acceptance of shipments by the ground handling agent or airline. Use this module as a tool to fill in the required data and to make sure the shipment is accompanied by all required documents. It adds significant options to the NOTOC Module.


What it does

• It allows you to activate the collection list: an overview of all incoming dangerous goods and other special loads shipments in your warehouse

• You ‘receive’ all offered shipments in your warehouse without the need to immediately add them to a flight NOTOC

• Check the content of the document

• The wizard shows you the information to be reproduced on the Shipper’s Declaration

• It supports ‘All Packed in Ones’, ‘Overpacks’ and Q-value calculations

• You can activate and print a warehouse acceptance checklist

• If everything is correct, items can be marked as accepted

• Accepted items are available to fill Unit Loading Devices (ULDs) by using the ULD wizard


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