DGOffice Release November 2023

On Sunday morning, the 5th of November, DGOffice will be updated. This release includes translation updates for different languages and improvements of existing functionalities.

ecomed-Storck publications

In the release on Sunday, the publications of our new partner ecomed-Storck GmbH become available as well! The publications that will be offered in DGOffice.net are:
• ADR 2023 in German
• ADN 2023 in German
• RID 2023 in German
• IMDG 2022 in German

Ecomed publications

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Verloop publications

Earlier, several publications from our Dutch publishing partner Verloop have been made available in DGOffice.net. From this release, a few new editions will be added, namely:
• IMDG 2022 in Dutch
• ADN 2023 in Dutch
• ICAO TI 2023 in English
• And more to follow later!