DGOffice & E-freight

A multimodal collaboration platform via DGXML and eDGD


In the year 2000, the first electronic messages were sent, which grew to 32.000 multimodal webservice requests handled by DGOffice per day today. In general, the demand for electronic data sharing increases simultaneously, which creates the push from more and more parties towards E-freight. Therefore, different projects are initiated and we are participating in several of those electronic data exchange projects for DG shipments.

A default message standard must be specified so that the automated data sharing can be understood and accepted by all parties involved. Our multimodal DGXML and IATA’s eDGD are such message standards. Both of these standards are used in the projects in which we are involved.
Along the transportation chain, multiple parties are involved: Shippers, Forwarders, (Ground) Handlers, Carriers and Consignees. All have a different role and need for certain information to perform their activities properly. Via our E-freight solution, information can be shared within DGOffice.net as well as with external systems. In other words, DGOffice.net would then become a multimodal collaboration platform for DG shipments. Each party in a specific transportation chain can get access to the validated information, which will automatically be re-used where applicable.
What does this mean for you as DGOffice.net user? Currently, a send to/export to option for transportation documents is already available in DGOffice. Other functionalities are expected to become available for usage as of July and later throughout this year. More information on this will follow.