Aviasecure AG, Christ & DGM Argentina Srl.

Welcome Aviasecure AG, Christ and DGM Argentina Srl.!


Aviasecure is active in Switzerland, and offers training services for dangerous goods, consulting and also accepts DG mandates for companies that must meet respective laws. The DG trainings and instructors are accepted by the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA) and approved by ICAO. Visit their website www.aviasecure.ch for more information.


Christ operates in Switzerland as well, and is part of the Forum Romandie – Marchandises Dangereuses (FRMD); a dynamic and responsive industry association devoted to the safe and efficient transportation of dangerous goods. FRMD represents a wide variety of shippers, carriers, manufacturers, trade associations, training companies, and related businesses and supervisory bodies within the French speaking part of Switzerland. Companies that become members are part of a network of professionals who are dedicated to the safe handling of dangerous goods.
The group aims in particular:
1. to exchange interdisciplinary information on the transport of dangerous goods;
2. to discuss and exchange information on the classifications of dangerous goods defined in the different legislations;
3. to discuss and put in place requests, common comments to the legislator;
4. to seek improvements to be put in place following incidents or accidents in the field of dangerous goods;
5. to have a better knowledge of the work of the supervisory bodies and to improve cooperation with these supervisory bodies;
6. to conclude any agreement with other professional or economic organizations pursuing similar aims.


DGM Argentina Srl. is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and also active in Bolivia and Paraguay! They provide technical consulting services, training, packing, documentation and logistics for the movement of dangerous goods, safely and efficiently. Visit their website www.dgm-argentina.ar for more information.