Efreight Switzerland takes over the operational activities for the newly developed digital transaction and information platform for the shippers, consignees and logistics service providers. It is a milestone for the networking and digitization of logistics processes by the creation of this Cargo Community System for all modes of transport. 

About efreight

The efreight initiative for paperless transport, results in a well-established digital information and transaction platform today. More than 300 active users on across the world are working on the efreight platform and can trace the complete supply chain from A-Z and measure selected quality criteria. All service providers (forwarders, carriers, customs brokers, warehouse operators, and more) are also connected via this platform. As a result, the communication between individual parties can be implemented efficiently and cost-effectively.
Peter Somaglia, President of IG AirCargo Switzerland and co-initiator of this project, says: “The efreight platform offers the possibility to connect all transport partners and communicate with them digitally and without paper. Thanks to status feedback, it is possible to monitor the progress of shipments proactively, thus generally improving the quality of service for internal and external customers.”


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