DGM Support Group

Dangerous Goods Management (DGM) Support is a leading international organization acknowledged as experts in dangerous goods and hazardous materials. Founded in 1987, DGM Support develops comprehensive dangerous goods solutions to a large variety of customers of all sectors and industries (logistics, chemical, oil and gas, energy, freight forwarders, air, road, maritime transport companies).

Its activites are performed in accordance with the global quality & safety requirements and standards:

• Health, safety and quality (HSQ) standards

• Dangerous goods regulations ICAO/IATA DGR, 49 CFR, IMO-IMDG, ADR and RID

• Other compliance requirements (local regulations, customers policies)



DGM Support HQ
Kruisweg 805
2132 NG Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
W: www.dgmsupport.com