Transformation vs Revolution

Digital Transformation or Digital REVOLUTION?


“There is the issue of digital transformation in the public sphere; it is not difficult to find in any specialized magazine or even in the generalist media the approach to the subject. We live in constant evolution and what today is true tomorrow easily becomes obsolete. See the number of applications produced that are available to us, see the number of updates and upgrades that a mere smartphone does per month. New features are incorporated, performance is improved, and access to information is increasingly easier. The fight today is not exclusive to applications but also to equipment, that virtually transport us to a digital reality as if we were incorporated in it.


In fact, the transformation leans on a digital revolution, today we can find entrepreneurs that expect for their apllications or software, to communicate and to interact in such a manner that the information at the destination is available to those who decide at the distance of a simple click.


Today, we can find in many different organizations, programs operating in different languages that easily communicate with each other. This is only possible because bridges were created between these applications that effectively allows the transmission of two-way information that later is analysed. Infrastructures and installations for storage were created so that through the internet we can access information anywhere on our planet. These infrastructures allow for high performance security levels preventing malicious people from stealing important and confidential information, a precious asset for all organizations today. In this, our DGOffice software has been successfully proved to be bulletproof in every API (Application Protocol Integration) project instated in major corporations worldwide.


Today’s access to information is extremely facilitated, allowing for decision to be made almost immediately supported by data and information obtained in the moment, in a constantly changing world. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the organizations to reorganize and look for new formulas to continue winning in a highly competitive market. See the exponential growth in demand for online stores, selling products and having the customer just a click away is the motto of new merchants. Fast delivery and good service are the keys to the success of this new way of buying and selling. The customer even has tools at his disposal, whether apps or other means where he can follow the purchase from its origin to the destination. With one click, we buy, pay and know the exact delivery dates. For this trip it is necessary to prepare documentation. If yesterday this documentation was tiring and took hours to be dealt with, today, with three or four steps they appear completely filled, with a margin of zero error alike our world’s best DGOffice software. Even old stamps are no longer used and replaced by digital certificates, digital signatures and other formulas that guarantee the veracity of all information.


As we can see, the transformation is perhaps a revolution, the question that arises is where does it take us? Hopefully to a better world!”


Written by: António Marques, DGM Portugal